Just a few words about Thai EPs:

Certainly not official, those Eps are divided in three different sections:

- First section propose the "only Alice Cooper" EPs (Picture cover and 4 songs).

- Second section propose the Picture covers of Alice Cooper, but with only one song on the record.

- Third section propose the other EPs, not Alice Cooper on picture cover, but one song on the record.

Alice Cooper Only

Caught in a Dream - Halloweed be my Name / Is it my Body - Long Way to go

M 037/ No date - 4 tracks EP


Halo of Flies / You drive me nervous - Under my Wheels

IT 017/ No date EP

School'sOut - Gutter Cats vs the Jets / Public Animal #9 - Alma Mater

MC 967 -  No date


Unfinished Sweet/ No more Mr Nice Guy - Raped and Freezin'

TK 785 / No date EP

No more Mr Nice guy - Billion dollar babies / Raped and freezin' - Hello Hurray

FT 910 / No date

Alice Cooper on sleeve with only one song + 3 others

School's out - Questions (Bang) / The livin I'm doing (Mike Kennedy) - Dark is the night (Tommy James )

N° 700 -  No date

Elected - New Orleans (Harley Quinne ) / Burning love (Elvis Presley) - Tulsa turnaround (Three dog night)

KS 112 -  No date

Elected - Ventura highway (America) / Dialogue (Chicago) - Celebration (Tommy James)

N° 712 -  No date

No more Mr nice guy - Heart of stone (Kenny) / Frankenstein (Edgar Winter group) - Fencewalk (Mandrill)

TK 771 -  No date

Goin Home (Osmonds) - Roll over Beethoven (Electric Light Orchestra)  / No more Mr nice guy - Cinnamon Girl (N. Young)

KS 1982 -  No date

Hello Hurray - Love is what you make it (Grass roots) / Don't cross the river (America) - Daytime, night time (Keith Hampshire)

N° 749 -  No date

Hello Hurray - Latin bugaloo (Malo) / Top of the cities (stories) - Lucky man (Emerson, Lake and Palmer)

M. 119 -  No date 4 tracks

Hello Hurray - Wishing well (Free) / The doctor (West Bruce and Laing) - Big city miss Ruth Ann (Gallery)

KS 140 -  No date

The real me (The who) - Rock and roll, hoochie koo (Rick Derringer) / Muscle of love - Let it ride (Bachman-Turner overdrive)

FT 994 -  No date

Showdown (Electric Light Orchestra) - Jim Dandy (Black Oak Arkansas) / Teenage Lament '74- Smokin' in the boy's room (Brownsville Station)

FTR 198 -  No date

Golden olden days of rock (Johnny Winter) - Taxman (Black Aok Arkansas) / Only woman - Misty (Ray Stevens)

TKR 293 -  No date

Not Alice Cooper on sleeve - only one song + 3 others

One toke over the line (Brewer and Shipley) - Timothy (The buoys) / Eighteen  - Help me make it through the night (Sammi Smith) 

MTR 519 -  No date

One toke over the line (Brewer and Shipley)  - Eighteen  / Flying machine (Cliff Richard) - Indiana wants me (R. Dean Taylor)

MTR 530-  No date

I play and sing (Dawn) - Put your hand in the hand (Ocean) / Eighteen - Bool Weevil (Shocking blue)

MTR 530-  No date

Flying Machine (Cliff Richard) - I did what I did for Maria(Tony Christie) / Get it on (T. Rex) - Eighteen

CLS 1118-  No date

Metal Guru (T. Rex) - We're on our Way (Chris Hodge) / Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress (The Hollies) - School's Out 

M. 030 -  No date

 Crazy horses (The Osmonds) - Elected / Ventura highway (America) - Operator (Jim Croce)

M 080 -  No date

Woman from Tokyo (Deep Purple) - Love is what you make it (Grass roots) / Rat Bat Blues (Deep Purple) - Hello Hurray

N° MTR 619 -  No date

Frankenstein (The Edgar Winter Group) - No more mr Nice Guy / Step into a Dream (White Plains) - Stuck in the Middle with you (Stealers Wheel)

N° MCR 767 -  No date

Tell her she's lovely (El Chicano) - I O U (Chicory tip) / Sabbath bloody sabbath (Black Sabbath) - Teenage lament '74

MTR 634 -  No date

Star (Stealers wheel)  - Teenage lament '74 / Tell her she's lovely (El Chicano) - Comin' down the road (John Fogerty)

TKR 137 -  No date

Half breed (Cher) - Stop looking back (Grand funk) / The real me (The Who) - Muscle of love

MTR 641 -  No date

Muscle of love - I O U (Chicory tip) / Must be love (James gang) - Seasons in the sun (Terry Jacks)

SI 027 -  No date

Livin' thing (ELO) - I can't live a dream (The Osmonds) / Nights are forever without you (England Dan and John Ford Coley) - I never cry

TKR 429 -  No date

Just a song before I go (Crosby, Stills & Nash) - Neon Nites (Atlanta Rhythm Section) / You and Me - Give a little bit (Supertramp)

EXP 0332 -  No date

Just a song before I go (Crosby, Stills & Nash) - Telephone Line (Electric Light Orchestra) / You and Me - Ariel ( Dean Friedman)

TKR 487 -  No date

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