Battle of the Bands


The Spiders Vs the Nazz


The Nazz


Wonder who's loving her now ? / Lay Down and die, Goodbye


Motorpsycho / Alice Cooper


Mad Sun / Nobody likes me


Alice Cooper


Identity Crisises / See me in a mirror


Alice Cooper


Eighteen / Under my Wheels


Alice Cooper


Keepin' Halloween Alive / (Cooperoke Mix)


Guns & Rose with Alice Cooper and Aerosmith 


Under my Wheels - Mama Kin / Nothing to Lose - It's so easy


Alice Cooper


I'm Eighteen (live) / Black Juju (live)


Alice Cooper


Welcome to my nightmare (live) / I'm Eighteen (live)


Alice Cooper


Welcome to my nightmare (live) / Inmates (we're all crazy ) (live)


Alice Cooper


Cold Ethyl (live) /

Ballad of Dwight Fry (live)


Alice Cooper


Poison (live) / Hey Stoopid (live)

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