Rare Records

In this section, I'll try to show you some weird and hard to find records. Not a lot to show for the moment, but I hope more will be added (It will be good for my own collection, folks !).

Records Signed By Alice



Records signed by Alice !

Acetate records



Before the wax record, an Acetate one was made...

Here are some of those rarities !

Test Pressing


Before record go to the market, some tests were made with wax... Not as rare as Acetate, but still very hard to find !

Here are some of those pressing !

What's It All About ?

Religious radio program explaining the songs to young people, with bits of interview of the bands...

Radio Spots


For promotion of albums, records with spot adds were sometimes edited. Very hard to find !





Some records in U.S.A. were proposed shrink-wrapped in displays. Rare to find in perfect condition nowadays...

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